Monday, 9 November 2009

2 new additions

Hi There,

I just wanted to share with you some pictures of the 2 new additions to my family.

I have participated in a Christmas Bear Swap on TBACA and these are the two bears I received from the artists I swapped with.

The first one was 'Pepe' an 11" Monkey from Linda down of Lombard Bears in WA. 'Pepe' has a felted face (and what a face) and is multi-jointed. What an amazing creation, I'm just blown away by the quality of the work in him. The needle felted face needs to be seen to be believed.

My next swap was 'Nisse' a 5 1/4" bear from Brigit Charles of Brigits Bears in WA. 'Nisse' has a removable hat and sheepskin beard and is free standing. Again what an AMAZING little bear. You can't see properly in the photo but he has the most incredible, tiny little perfectly appliqued leather nose, what a treat.

This was my first time participating in a swap like this and my hand is already up for the next one, what fun!!

Bear Hugs till next time


Saturday, 29 August 2009

Dare to Dream Online Show - Sep 5th and 6th

Hi all,

Just a quick update to let you know that now life is getting back to normal (well I suppose that depends on what you call normal my daughter has now decided to keep rats as pets, Not to sure about that one) Bear production has started again.

Over the last few months (in what little time I have had) I have been creating 3 very special pieces for the next TBACA Online show. The show is themed 'Dare to Dream' and I have done just that. Unfortunately I am not allowed to show you my creations until the show on Sat and Sun the 5th and 6th of September, (next weekend) But I am allowed to give you a sneak peek so I have put together a collage of bits and pieces of my creations to tempt you. If you wish to see more go to next weekend to view all the Special pieces created by some of Australia's Best.

Well that's it for me for the moment I am off to bed, I will keep you updated on the Rats (perhaps they will grow on me).

Bear Hugs

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Good, The bad and The Ugly.

Hey everyone,

It's been a long time since I've blogged, things have been very hectic in the Parker household.

It all started when my mother had a fall and was knocked unconscience for a few hours, this left her in hospital for a while and in a very weak state on coming home. She also has a cognitive impairment disorder so the shock left her very confused and disoriented for quite a time, requiring me to cook her meals an run her around, my sister helped all she could but living in another state makes it difficult. Good news is she is almost back to normal and doing well. What a relief for all.

On a happy note next on my list came my new Grandbaby a girl. She is just beautiful. But true to form in my life at the moment things didn't go smoothly, she decided to come in a hurry and was born with the help of Dad(my son) in the bath tub at home while waiting for the ambulance. As if that wasn't enough she was born blue and not breathing with the cord wrapped tight around her neck twice, so scary. After Dad removed the cord and Kerry the next door neighbour (and also a police woman) smacked her butt a few times she started breathing and was fine. Now Mum and Dad have settled down and baby is in good health they realise what a very special moment they have shared.

My Beautiful Grandaughter the day she came home from the hospital.

Then to top it all off a couple of weeks later we had to have our beautiful Boof (an American Bulldog cross) put down. He had a spinal instability and his discs had moved in such way they were pinching off nerves causing everyday movements to be excruciatingly painful that no pain medication we threw at it could relieve. We knew it would eventually happen(he also had hip dyplasia as well as advanced arthritis in his left knee) but we would have like it to be later rather than sooner. We know he is at peace and pain free now but some days that doesn't help it was just way to soon(he was only 4). We had the vet come to the house so he was in a familiar environment and we buried him in the backyard in a sunny spot with his feather doona (he didn't like to sleep without it) his 2 fav toys, his brush(because he would beg to be brushed and let you brush him for hours) and his bone he had been working on for 3 weeks and we planted a native Bottle Brush over him. It was very sad but very peaceful. Most mornings my almost 6 year old Grandson goes up the back and says good morning to him and quite often can be seen sitting next to the tree and patting the grass. He then come in and tells us he's just given Boof a pat. So Special! Even though we have only had him for 2 1/2 years (he was 2 when he got him as an abused rescue dog) it feels like he was with us forever. He is very much missed by all who knew him, he was a beautiful Big boy.

Our Boofy Boy

Life is slowly getting back to normal and hopefully I will be back into bear production soon.

Bear Hugs

Friday, 22 May 2009

Birthday Girl

It was my mothers birthday two days ago. Happy Birthday Mum!!.

She turned 77 (shh don't tell anyone it's a secret). In our family the tradition is the birthday person gets to choose anything they want for their dinner. No surprise every year my mother chooses a roast dinner so we try to vary the type of meat to add a little variety. This year we had a delicious lamb roast mmh mmh!! I can still taste it.

 As she is getting on a bit and has a balance problem we got her a folding walking stick to which she rolled her eyes, thanked us politely and said she will use it when she gets old.

I think we can consider ourselves told.


Saturday, 2 May 2009

2 more Deceased Bears available. First in Best dressed.

Hi fellow bear lovers

Well what a surprise!! I didn't think when I made them (the deceased bears) so many other Bear Lovers would have a sense of humor like mine (slightly left of center). As a result of the many, many requests and emails I have received to extend the edition I have decided to make 2 more Dead Fred's and only 2 more (my attention span won't allow for any more) so first in best dressed.

Here are some more pictures of him.

Bear Hugs

New Shows

Hi fellow bear lovers,

The 'Heavenly stitches show' is on this Sunday 3rd May, at Appin House, Appin

While these shows may be 'Botique' size at the moment they are still good and will not grow into great shows unless the Traders and consumers patronise them. So if your able to go along and show your support this Sunday please do.

Bear Hugs

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Happy Easter

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to wish everyone a great Easter.
Hope the Easter Bunny is good to you.

Bear Hugs

Thursday, 26 March 2009

STBF and Deceased Bears


Time to take a breath and a well earned break. The Sydney Teddy Bear Fair is over and what a show. It was the busiest show in a long time. There was the best line up of talented Aussie and Overseas Artists which really attracted the collectors, at times I saw people 2 deep at tables, holding on to the bear they liked not daring to put it down before they made their decision otherwise someone else would buy it. It was WONDERFUL! 

Hats off to Melissa, she worked hard to provide  a World Class show at a great venue with an amazing line up of talent, who could possibly have any complaints. Even with the passing of her Grandmother just 2 days before the start of the show she still put the traders first.

I would like to say 'THANKS MELISSA' if it wasnt for people such as yourself Artists and collectors woudn't have a forum to met face to face and that would be sad for the industry.

As well as having a Great Show I also received the shock of my life at the Saturday Night Gala Preview. My daughter insisted on coming, which I thought nothing of until about half way through the night she called me over to have a look at a beautiful big bear on Linda Benson's table (Benson Bears). Linda is an Aussie Bear Artist who I would have to say is way up there with the best in the world and someone I admire very much, not just for her talent but her generosity in passing her knowledge on to improve the Industry. Anyway after looking at Bart (go and see pictures of Bart at Linda's website here) and instantly falling in love with him, I was told he was my early (about 3 weeks) Birthday present. WOW!!! My daughter and Linda had been very sneakily emailing each other for a couple of weeks before the show and organised for him to be presented to me there. What a surprise, how spoilt am I.

Ok, back to earth now, as promised I am posting some photos of my Deceased Bears hope you like them.

Dead Fred

Deceased Doris

I am now having a break from making bears for about a week to organise myself and finally take down the last of the remaining Christmas decorations (you heard that right Christmas), I know its sad  

Bear Hugs

Monday, 23 February 2009

My Coffins have arrived!!

G'day my fellow bear lovers,

It's been an eventful couple of weeks in the Parker Bear world.

Firstly and Most exciting my miniature coffins (yes you heard that right coffins) have arrived from the UK. They are all I hoped for so look out for my new creations 'Dead Fred' and 'Deceased Doris', I will post a happy snap when they are finished. 

Bear Hugs

Sunday, 8 February 2009

New Range 'Things With Wings'

Well here I am officially in the 21st Century (I know scary).

I have just attended the Heavenly Stitches show at Eden Gardens, what a great day. I am now looking ahead to the next show I will be attending in March - The Sydney Teddy Bear Fair (STBF). Another great show well worth a visit.

Just thought I would share a few Happy snaps of some of my latest range called 'Things with Wings', they might help you see what I am about. All are made in Sassy Fur are betwen 5" and 3 1/4" 

This Is Bertrum(above) he is a 3 1/4" bear made from two different hand dyed long Sassy's.
He wears handmade bee wings.

This is Cobweb(above) he is a 3 1/2" bear made from hand dyed long Sassy.
He wears handmade wings.

This Is Oberon and Puck(above). These cute little bears are 4 1/4" and 3 1/2" tall and are made from two different hand dyed long Sassy's.
They wear handmade wings.

This is Donella(above) she is a colourful 5" bear made from hand dyed long Sassy.
She wears handmade wings.

This is Mustardseed(above) she is a 5" tall and made from hand dyed Autumn toned Sassy.
She wears handmade wings

This is Peaseblossom(above) she is a cute little 3 1/2" tall bear made from a combination of Hand dyed Sassy and mini bear fur.
She wears handmade wings and lays on a silvery toned moon.

I hope you like my new range, I am having alot of fun with them and have many more planned so keep a look out for them.

Bear Hugs

Great Shows for 2009

Well I guess I will start with the shows I am attending this year.
Here they are:

  • Heavenly Stitches - Eden Gardens - 1st Feb
  • Sydney Teddy Bear Fair - Sydney Olympic Park - 22nd March
  • Heavenly Stitches - Appin House - 3rd May
  • Heavenly Stitches - Parramatta Workers Club - 20th September
  • Mittagong Doll and Bear Show - 15th November
Hope to see you at the shows.

Welcome To My Blog


My Daughter is the creative influence behind this (dragging me kicking and screaming into the 21st century) as I am computer illiterate at this point in my life (planning to learn), so please bear with me as I find my feet.(pardon the pun).

This blog is to keep everyone updated on the shows I will be attending, new bears as they are created and life in general in the Parker household.

With all that said and done here is a little about Me and my life.

 I have two Children, two cheeky Grandsons, and one gorgeous Aussie Bulldog called Boof.

After leaving school I attended TAFE attaining my Fashion Design Certificate which included Fine Needlework, Dress Making and Design, Tailoring and Millinery. I then went on to be a quality controller for a major Lingerie Company.

Over the years I have made and taught just about every craft, finally settling exclusively on Bears 14 years ago. Many of my bears have been Adopted into Hugs in different countries all over the world, some having six or seven additions. However I tend to have a short attention span and become bored easily so my style has changed many times, from Large and Traditional to Modern to were I am now and intend to stay Miniatures (5" and under). I still can't settle on one style (too many ideas not enough years), although most of my bears do share one common trait, they have an Attitude Problem (or so I have been told).

Thank you Beary Much for Visiting.