Friday, 22 May 2009

Birthday Girl

It was my mothers birthday two days ago. Happy Birthday Mum!!.

She turned 77 (shh don't tell anyone it's a secret). In our family the tradition is the birthday person gets to choose anything they want for their dinner. No surprise every year my mother chooses a roast dinner so we try to vary the type of meat to add a little variety. This year we had a delicious lamb roast mmh mmh!! I can still taste it.

 As she is getting on a bit and has a balance problem we got her a folding walking stick to which she rolled her eyes, thanked us politely and said she will use it when she gets old.

I think we can consider ourselves told.


Saturday, 2 May 2009

2 more Deceased Bears available. First in Best dressed.

Hi fellow bear lovers

Well what a surprise!! I didn't think when I made them (the deceased bears) so many other Bear Lovers would have a sense of humor like mine (slightly left of center). As a result of the many, many requests and emails I have received to extend the edition I have decided to make 2 more Dead Fred's and only 2 more (my attention span won't allow for any more) so first in best dressed.

Here are some more pictures of him.

Bear Hugs

New Shows

Hi fellow bear lovers,

The 'Heavenly stitches show' is on this Sunday 3rd May, at Appin House, Appin

While these shows may be 'Botique' size at the moment they are still good and will not grow into great shows unless the Traders and consumers patronise them. So if your able to go along and show your support this Sunday please do.

Bear Hugs