Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Good, The bad and The Ugly.

Hey everyone,

It's been a long time since I've blogged, things have been very hectic in the Parker household.

It all started when my mother had a fall and was knocked unconscience for a few hours, this left her in hospital for a while and in a very weak state on coming home. She also has a cognitive impairment disorder so the shock left her very confused and disoriented for quite a time, requiring me to cook her meals an run her around, my sister helped all she could but living in another state makes it difficult. Good news is she is almost back to normal and doing well. What a relief for all.

On a happy note next on my list came my new Grandbaby a girl. She is just beautiful. But true to form in my life at the moment things didn't go smoothly, she decided to come in a hurry and was born with the help of Dad(my son) in the bath tub at home while waiting for the ambulance. As if that wasn't enough she was born blue and not breathing with the cord wrapped tight around her neck twice, so scary. After Dad removed the cord and Kerry the next door neighbour (and also a police woman) smacked her butt a few times she started breathing and was fine. Now Mum and Dad have settled down and baby is in good health they realise what a very special moment they have shared.

My Beautiful Grandaughter the day she came home from the hospital.

Then to top it all off a couple of weeks later we had to have our beautiful Boof (an American Bulldog cross) put down. He had a spinal instability and his discs had moved in such way they were pinching off nerves causing everyday movements to be excruciatingly painful that no pain medication we threw at it could relieve. We knew it would eventually happen(he also had hip dyplasia as well as advanced arthritis in his left knee) but we would have like it to be later rather than sooner. We know he is at peace and pain free now but some days that doesn't help it was just way to soon(he was only 4). We had the vet come to the house so he was in a familiar environment and we buried him in the backyard in a sunny spot with his feather doona (he didn't like to sleep without it) his 2 fav toys, his brush(because he would beg to be brushed and let you brush him for hours) and his bone he had been working on for 3 weeks and we planted a native Bottle Brush over him. It was very sad but very peaceful. Most mornings my almost 6 year old Grandson goes up the back and says good morning to him and quite often can be seen sitting next to the tree and patting the grass. He then come in and tells us he's just given Boof a pat. So Special! Even though we have only had him for 2 1/2 years (he was 2 when he got him as an abused rescue dog) it feels like he was with us forever. He is very much missed by all who knew him, he was a beautiful Big boy.

Our Boofy Boy

Life is slowly getting back to normal and hopefully I will be back into bear production soon.

Bear Hugs

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