Thursday, 26 March 2009

STBF and Deceased Bears


Time to take a breath and a well earned break. The Sydney Teddy Bear Fair is over and what a show. It was the busiest show in a long time. There was the best line up of talented Aussie and Overseas Artists which really attracted the collectors, at times I saw people 2 deep at tables, holding on to the bear they liked not daring to put it down before they made their decision otherwise someone else would buy it. It was WONDERFUL! 

Hats off to Melissa, she worked hard to provide  a World Class show at a great venue with an amazing line up of talent, who could possibly have any complaints. Even with the passing of her Grandmother just 2 days before the start of the show she still put the traders first.

I would like to say 'THANKS MELISSA' if it wasnt for people such as yourself Artists and collectors woudn't have a forum to met face to face and that would be sad for the industry.

As well as having a Great Show I also received the shock of my life at the Saturday Night Gala Preview. My daughter insisted on coming, which I thought nothing of until about half way through the night she called me over to have a look at a beautiful big bear on Linda Benson's table (Benson Bears). Linda is an Aussie Bear Artist who I would have to say is way up there with the best in the world and someone I admire very much, not just for her talent but her generosity in passing her knowledge on to improve the Industry. Anyway after looking at Bart (go and see pictures of Bart at Linda's website here) and instantly falling in love with him, I was told he was my early (about 3 weeks) Birthday present. WOW!!! My daughter and Linda had been very sneakily emailing each other for a couple of weeks before the show and organised for him to be presented to me there. What a surprise, how spoilt am I.

Ok, back to earth now, as promised I am posting some photos of my Deceased Bears hope you like them.

Dead Fred

Deceased Doris

I am now having a break from making bears for about a week to organise myself and finally take down the last of the remaining Christmas decorations (you heard that right Christmas), I know its sad  

Bear Hugs