Sunday, 8 February 2009

New Range 'Things With Wings'

Well here I am officially in the 21st Century (I know scary).

I have just attended the Heavenly Stitches show at Eden Gardens, what a great day. I am now looking ahead to the next show I will be attending in March - The Sydney Teddy Bear Fair (STBF). Another great show well worth a visit.

Just thought I would share a few Happy snaps of some of my latest range called 'Things with Wings', they might help you see what I am about. All are made in Sassy Fur are betwen 5" and 3 1/4" 

This Is Bertrum(above) he is a 3 1/4" bear made from two different hand dyed long Sassy's.
He wears handmade bee wings.

This is Cobweb(above) he is a 3 1/2" bear made from hand dyed long Sassy.
He wears handmade wings.

This Is Oberon and Puck(above). These cute little bears are 4 1/4" and 3 1/2" tall and are made from two different hand dyed long Sassy's.
They wear handmade wings.

This is Donella(above) she is a colourful 5" bear made from hand dyed long Sassy.
She wears handmade wings.

This is Mustardseed(above) she is a 5" tall and made from hand dyed Autumn toned Sassy.
She wears handmade wings

This is Peaseblossom(above) she is a cute little 3 1/2" tall bear made from a combination of Hand dyed Sassy and mini bear fur.
She wears handmade wings and lays on a silvery toned moon.

I hope you like my new range, I am having alot of fun with them and have many more planned so keep a look out for them.

Bear Hugs

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