Friday, 26 October 2012

Off to Woodend !!

Hey there
It's been a while since I posted.. Sorry about that I have been flat out trying to make bears for Woodend as well as find somewhere to move. All sorted now.
Before I leave I thought I would share some piccies with you of a few friends who will be travelling with me to Woodend this weekend.

These are my new "Charm bears" only 2 1/2" tall

"Coconut Ice".. 4 1/2" tall

"Lil' Bit".. 3 1/2" tall

My new Goose design.."Punky" 3 1/2" tall

And last but not least "Sakura".. 2 1/2" she is resting in a Sakura flower handmade by me.

Hope to see some of you there on Sunday it's a great show. 
Cheers for now    Lyn

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