Saturday, 29 October 2011

Woodend Show

Feeling pretty Bummed today !! I should be on a road trip right now with my friend Raewyn heading to the Woodend bear show tomorrow. Unfortunately health issues have prevented me from attending (sigh).

I guess I should try and look at it from the bright side.. Hmmmm!! Nope can't find one :o((

Anyway Hi and Hugs to all who are attending ( traders and collectors ) and I hope you have a Great day ( she says with a grimace on her face).

If you have never been or are tossing up whether you should go or not "You Should" it's a Fantabulous show with a great atmosphere and an abundance of world class Artists. Well worth the effort.

Ok ( she says with a sigh ) I'm going now to wallow in my own self pity for a bit longer, see you all there next year.



  1. Lyn, I thought I was the only one wallowing. (I'm stamping my feet, saying I WANT TO BE THERE, every 5 mins. Then I think I guess they are setting up now. Tonight I will be thinking, they are all enjoying a wonderful dinner together, with like minded friends.
    Tomorrow will be worse. I hope my friend will text me a few messages about what is happening.

    One day it might happen.
    Hugs Kay

  2. How disapointing for you lyn, I hope you are well soon. I am sure there will be collectors wishing they were able to see you cute bears as well.

  3. Thanks Girls...Doesn't life just suck some times... Still there is next years shows to worry about now,so time to stop wallowing and get on with the business of getting well. As my daughter would say "Suck it up Princess"