Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Sounds of Silence

Don't get me wrong I love my Family Dearly but I am enjoying the Peace and Tranquillity VERY much :0)

Suppose I had better explain my Daughter and Grandson (who share the house with me) and my Mother (who lives 10 minutes away) left late yesterday for 10 days in Tassie. This morning I have woken up to a Beautiful Sunny day and Silence...can't wipe the smile off my face :0)))

I know I will miss them (my daughter especially at dinner time.. I hate cooking) and 10 days is long enough not to see them and snuggle with my special little man but for now I am soaking in all Peace and Quiet and enjoying my own company. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Bliss.

I'm off now to sit out the back with a cup of tea and listen to the birds,then I'm going to start rearranging the house.

Bear Hugs


  1. Oh I know that feeling Lyn ... Hubs goes away for a week twice a year and I so enjoy the time on my own. Eat what and when you like, get up and go to bed when you like, get to sew all day if you like ... but I am happy when he's home again.

  2. Hi Lyn..it sounds like you are going to have a lovely time by yourself and I know where you are coming from...I like my alone time too.
    Cheers Susan♥

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  4. Hello Lyn, Oh yes I know that feeling too, enjoy your 10 days of Bliss !