Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Home from the Woodend show

Arrived home this afternoon from attending the Woodend show for the first time had an absolute blast.

We decided to make a road trip out of it and I travelled with my good friend Raewyn . We took the return trip over two days and indulged in some much deserved retail therapy on the way  (although I do have to say Raewyn indulged a bit more than me).

Thanks to Kerri and her many helpers for the effort put into making this a fantastic show. Even though the weather was against them (arctic temperature and heavy rain) the show was an unmitigated success, not an easy task.

I for one will be back  next year, can't wait. Although next year I will be better prepared for the cold Victorion weather and perhaps not turn blue.

Looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight, there's no place like home.


  1. Fabulous Lyn!! Glad you had a ball!!!
    Sleep tight :)

  2. Only a bit! I'll have to try harder next time hahahaha Raewyn xox