Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A Tribute to the 1960's

Does anyone remember the 1960's Troll dolls. I do, and I just love them.

My Grandmother used to collect them I guess in that way I take after her I love all things Ugly cute. I can remember we used to buy her a new Troll every Birthday, Mothers day and Christmas. Her collection was massive she had Trolls in every size and style imaginable it extended into every room.

I came across one of her smaller ones at my mothers a couple of months ago and it inspired me to create my Troll bears. This is my tribute to one the 1960's classics and my Beautiful Nana also a classic. I know she will be looking down at them with a smile, hope you like them too.

Sizzik   4 1/2"

Zamja   3 1/2"

Hope you like them.     Cheers Lyn.