Sunday, 15 August 2010

Finally !!!

Hey there,
 Thought it was time I finally got my butt into gear and updated my Blog (thanks Sandi).
 Where to start!! there has been loads happening since my last blog.

I attended the Gold Coast show in June and as usual had a Great time. It would have to be one of my favourite shows very organised, very trader and consumer  friendly. The show was well attended and I very much enjoyed talking to the many Makers, Collectors and Traders. It's always nice to catch up with everyone and it's no secret I'm always up for a chat. I also participated in quite a bit of retail therapy because if you don't get it when you see it you won't have it when you need it (isn't that how it goes). This show is one I highly recommend you put in your diary as a must attend for next year. Thanks Patti and Graham for making us all feel special.

On a more personal note my youngest Grandchild  turned one last month, hard to believe they grow up so quick. She is walking (or should I say running) and has been for a couple of months. She has an ever growing vocabulary including Ama (this is the name all my grandchildren call me) which I am quite chuffed about. My Grandson  is now two and a half ( they are my Sons children) and my eldset Grandchild (my daughters Son ) will be 7 in October. Time goes so fast I'm sure it won't be long before I'm blogging about them getting there licence (scary)

By the way this is the first time I have done my blog myself  I usually write it out with pen and paper (the old fashioned way) and my Daughter does it all. Thought it was time I took the bull by the horns, take a deep breath and just do it. Not as bad as I thought a bit slow with the typing but proud of myself.  

On that note I will say Goodnight and will try not to leave it too long before my next blog.
 Will add a few photos of some of my latest creations soon.

 Cheers Lyn.


  1. Nice to hear from you Lyn! Bring on the photo's....your doing great with the poota!!
    Hugs Lindaxx

  2. Thanks Linda,
    Not as hard as I was led to believe, I think my daughter just didn't want to take the time to show me(eats into her computer time)!! Photo's will be added soon still trying to convince her to show me not just do it herself (wish me luck)
    Bear Hugs Lyn xx

  3. Congratulations Lyn on taking the plunge ... we all knew you could do it and you will be a wizz in no time at all. So looking forward to catching up with you again at Woodend (saving like crazy, 'cause I know I'll be tempted to adopt a few bears).
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane