Thursday, 13 December 2012

My Beautiful Mum

It's been a while since I have posted.. Sorry about that.. Life has been quite chaotic in my neck of the woods lately.

After moving house I still haven't had a chance to unpack.. I feel like a Hoarder manoeuvring through the narrow pathways between the mountain of boxes to get from room to room. I even have what I call the washing machine dance (as a great majority of the boxes are in my laundry) ..
It goes a bit like this..

It's just a turn to the side..
and you shuffle on iiiiin..
now a turn to the right..
and you shuffle some mooooore..
take a deep breath iiin..
and start the machiiiiine..
Lets do the Machine Shuffle again..
Lets do the Machine Shuffle again..

What has this got to do with my mum you say!! Well just after I moved Mum had a fall and ended up in physical injuries so that was a blessing.

It did however leave her with a mobility problem and sent her already fragile state of mind (mum has early dementure) into a backwards slide.
The result being she was not able to go home to the house she has lived in for 30 years as it is two storey with 16 stairs to climb to get to the bedrooms and bathroom...That news was not taken well!!

Mum is getting stronger both physically and mentally every day and we have lucky enough to get her into an excellent  low care Hostel unit (no mean feat in just over a week)... That news went down even better!!

We moved her in yesterday and she is currently acting like a very spoilt naughty child.Refusing to go to the dining room, not interacting with the other residents and giving the staff a hard time in general.

And then there is the emotional blackmail..No one cares about me I might as well be dead..happy what's happy I'll never be happy again..that's it you go home to your nice little home and leave me stuck here homeless, I'm homeless you know this will never be home to me I might as well be dead..and on and on it goes.

I am not sure when the the lines blurred and the roles reversed.... When I became the mum and my Beautiful Mum, my best friend became the naughty child.. all I know is I don't like it one bit.


  1. Hope your Mum continues to improve and settles in, I know how hard this can be to deal with having been there too. Anyway, Merry Christmas Lyn! and good luck with that washing machine and the boxes!
    With best wishes, cheers for now, Robyn.

  2. I went through the same with my mum Lyn, but it does get better. My mum has just turned 90, and we had to put her into care. She also has Dementia, and used to take all her tablets at the wrong time. She was accusing the chemist for not supplying her enough. Initially she didn't like her 'new home', as she had lived in her own home for 52 years! It was the house mum & dad bought when we first came to Australia. Mum now looks so much better, putting on weight ... but .... every visit she still says she wants to go home. That request will never cease. Poor darling.
    She will settle in Lyn, but it may take a while. It took mum over 6 months. She now has friends and even a 'boyfriend'. Hahaha!!
    Take care my dear friend!
    Love n'hugs!
    Barbara Davis xoxoxoxo